On3 Twin Turbo System

  • On3 Twin Turbo System

    On3 Twin Turbo System


    Coil Relocation Kit
    Coolant Overflow Tank
    Fuel Pump Upgrade
    Fuel Rails
    Injector Upgrade
    MAP Sensor
    Oil Feed Supply Block
    Overflow Cap
    Plug & Wire Kit
    Return Fuel System
    Turbo Upgrade
    Vacuum Block
    Vacuum Line
    fits: 99-06 GMC Sierra
    Engines: 5.3L
    Price: $4,095.00


    Turbo System Includes:

    Hot Side:
    On 3 Performance Tubular 304ss Turbo Manifolds (Top Mount Design)
    On 3 Performance 3.0″ 304ss Mandrel Bent Down Pipes
    On 3 Performance Custom X-pipe Midpipe Section
    Complete SS V-band Clamp Kit
    SS Lap Band Clamp x3
    On 3 Performance 44mm V-Band Design Wastegates (6psi) x2

    Cold Side:
    On 3 Performance 1400HP Bar & Plate Air To Air Intercooler
    On 3 Performance CNC Billet Machined Mounting Bars
    On 3 Performance Compressor to Intercooler Cold Side Tubing – All Bead Rolled
    On 3 Performance Intercooler to Throttle Body Cold Side Tubing – All Bead Rolled
    Black 5ply Silicone Coupler Kit
    Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamp Kit
    On 3 Performance 50mm Blow Off Valve w/ Clamp
    Custom Turbo Silicone Air Inlets
    On 3 Performance High Flow Urethane Air Filter x 2

    Main Kit Items:
    On 3 Performance 55mm Journal Bearing Turbocharger x2  Optional Ceramic Ball Bearing Upgrades Available
    Stainless Steel V-band Entry Exhaust Housings .63ar Standard (Below 700HP)  1.06ar Optional if going 700+HP
    On 3 Performance Turbo Oil Supply Kit
    On 3 Performance Turbo Oil Drain Kit
    Custom Silicone Radiator Hose Kit 2pcs
    On 3 Performance CNC Billet Coolant Fill Port
    On 3 Performance Custom A/C Line
    On 3 Performance Manual Boost Controller
    Custom On 3 Billet Overflow Tank
    Installation Guide w/ Photos

    On 3 Performance has been working on a new twin turbo 1500 design throughout 2015 and the test vehicle is up and running.  It has turned into the owners personal daily driver since it was completed, and has been throughly tested while they gain testing data and feedback.  So far On 3 could not be any happier with the system and the new line of On 3 Stainless Steel turbos are exceeding all expectations.  The truck is instantly into boost whenever you want it, making it a monster to drive.  The low end power makes the truck more enjoyable to drive and gas mileage is somewhat unaffected depending on the driving style.  Its currently setup on E-85, with custom twin pumps and a set of Deka 80# injectors to feed the fuel.  On the highway, they still are getting somewhere around 16-20mpg depending on the road.  This is amazing coming from an older Trailblazer SS which had a twin screw supercharger and 42# injectors that was lucky to get 9.5mpg average at any given time.

    This system is offered in 2 different stages. The 800hp system which includes the On 3 Performance 55mm turbochargers, and the 1000hp system which includes the 61mm turbochargers.  Either package will offer a ball bearing turo upgrde option.  To gain all of the testing info, they started with a bone stock 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 with a completely stock 5.3 engine.  They did not touch the engine so its the same as it was when GMC rolled it off the production line.  They want to show whats possible on a stock truck and clearly with a built engine your talking sky is the limit. On this setup the truck made 610rwhp and 675ft.lbs. on 13psi.

    Most will not push the stock engine that far so the kit is setup out of the box to make a reasonable 6psi.  With the included boost controller, you can simply dial the boost up to 12psi and have full range of control.  If your planning for a more serious build in the future or already have the supporting mods to go big, the 1000hp package with the On 3 61mm turbos may better suit your expectations.  All of the kits come standard with the newest designed stainless steel investment casting exhaust housing. This utilizes a V-band inlet instead of the traditional 4 bolt, t3 or t4 pattern. This setup makes installation and adjustments a breeze when assembling the kit in the truck.  This is new technology that we will be developing around, and hopefully re-visiting on older kits which will allow for them to also use these same housings. These housings are designed to be lighter, spool quicker, flow better, and clearly look better.

    The intercooler is unique on this design as well, being proven at up to 1200rwhp and installed on many vehicles over the past 2 years.  The design is able to keep IAT’s in check at that power level and still has plenty of flow to add even more to it.

    With everything to this point being able to support at minimum 800HP, we need to address the exhaust.  The turbo manifolds are a fully tubular 1 7/8″ primary header that is made out of insanely thick 3mm wall tubing up to the collector.  From the turbo back, your going to be supplied 3″ downpipes that come down to an intergraded X-Pipe design as you work your way back.  This is a full dual 3″ 304ss turbo back system which terminates roughly at the underside of the bed.  So if your making 500hp or maxing it out in the 1000hp range, you know your system is fully capable of flowing that power.  This is the great part about going turbo over a blower.  One system will take you from a base 4 or 500hp all the way up to 1000.  All driving characteristics remain the same and they believe the trucks even drive better.  You are going to retain all your accessories and most importantly AC.  In the summer time the AC really strains the engine with the additional load and physically will hear it.  Thats not the case with the turbo, your not taking any power away to make more!


    Without a doubt, YES!  Although the wheels are larger both exhaust and compressor side, the spool up is not going to be much slower and less than 500rpm difference.  So if you are certain you are going to go big down the road, go big now and save yourself money as the turbochargers are not cheap in this configuration

    Details on the prototype test truck-   They started as  mentioned with a stock 50,000 mile 5.3 1500 and did a few supporting mods to know it will handle the power.  First off, as far as the kit goes, they tested with the 800HP configuration so they have the On 3 55mm turbos on the truck with the smaller .63ar exhaust housings.  They wanted the quickest spool and to make the truck as fun as possible for daily driving.  The engine long block was UN-TOUCHED. They pulled the factory 4l60e transmission to make room for a 4l80e from a 2500 and paired it up with a good converter.  The rear-end retained the stock axles but they do plan on drag racing and didn’t want to hurt the diff.  They also upgraded to a new posi and are going to test and see how well the stock axles will hold up to the 600+rwhp/rwtq.  As for the fueling, they went for one of the On 3 e-85 systems which is a dual in tank 320lph pump combo, 80# injectors and custom return line setup.  They will offer this full fuel system package with the kits if you have intentions to go e-85 or smaller injectors if you will stay with pump 93oct.

    On 3 Performance twin turbo 1500 610/675

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    1. On3 Twin Turbo System

      On3 Twin Turbo System
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      On3 Twin Turbo System
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      On3 Twin Turbo System