D Series Turbo Manifold

  • D Series Turbo Manifold

    D Series Turbo Manifold
    fits: 89-00 Honda Civic, 89-91 Honda CRX
    Engines: D15 & D16
    Price: $220.45
    On Sale: $209.43


    • Fits all D15 and D16 engines
    • Able to retain A/C power stearing
    • 35mm wastegate flange(Turbonetics/Tial)
    • T3 Flange
    • Fits T3 and T3/T4 hybrid turbos
    • Lifetime warranty!
    • Uses 1.50" Thread pitch
    *Brand New* D series Cast Manifold. High quality cast turbo manifold for those who are piecing together their own turbo kits. The manifold and turbo are the most important part of the turbo system, so do not skimp on these components. Spend a little extra money for the insurance and warranty that this manifold will last and not crack. 2 year warranty! Do not worry about whether your AC and power steering will work with other manifolds on the market, this design has been around for years, is AC and PS compatible, and use by some of the top names in turbocharging, Turbonetics, Drag, and RevHard! Manifold will work with any size turbo T3, T3/T4B, T3/T4E and up to the Turbonetics 60-1. TR manifolds are cast using a high ductile silicone based iron adhering to a strict ASTM casting standards. These manifolds are very durable and will withstand all the heat and vibration you can throw at them. Our manifolds casting exceeds OEM specifications and now come with lifetime warranty against cracking(veiw tech page for additional info on warranty). All of our manifolds incorporate external 35 or 38mm wastegate, and either T3 or T4 standard turbine inlet. All internal surfaces are cast smooth for high flow and low surface friction. This manifold retails for over $500 through many other manufactures, but you can get it here at wholesale pricing.
    1. D Series Turbo Manifold

      D Series Turbo Manifold