H22 Turbo Manifold

  • H22 Turbo Manifold

    H22 Turbo Manifold
    fits: 92-01 Honda Prelude
    Engines: H22
    Price: $299.95
    On Sale: $284.95


    • Able to retain A/C power stearing
    • 35/38mm wastegate flange(Turbonetics/Tial)
    • T3 Flange
    • Fits all T3 and T3/T4 hybrid turbos
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    TR Performance Engineering, Inc releases its new line up of stainless steel cast turbo manifolds offering uncompromising performance and unparalleled durability.

    TRmanifolds are cast using the latest in turbocharger-manifold technology using state of the art CAD based techniques. They benefit from an exclusive investment casting method utilizing bulletproof 347 stainless steel. The high thermal inertia and excellent heat retention of cast 347 stainless steel provides the turbocharger with as much thermal energy as possible. This effect raises the overall efficiency of the system and produces results superior to tubular/welded manifolds. Furthermore, 347 stainless steel is virtually impenetrable to rust and other forms of corrosion and will stay looking beautifull for years to come. No more rusting looking turbo manifolds!

    This manifolds is an exact replica of our cast iron manifold we have been selling for years! 
    1. H22 Turbo Manifold

      H22 Turbo Manifold
    2. H22 Turbo Manifold

      H22 Turbo Manifold