TR8 Turbo Kit

  • TR8 Turbo Kit

    TR8 Turbo Kit


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    fits: 07-12 Nissan Sentra, 07-12 Nissan Sentra SPEC V
    Engines: 2.5L (SER & SPEC V)
    HP Gains: Custom
    Boost: Custom
    Price: $3,900.00
    On Sale: $3,795.00


    • Turbonetics T3/T4 50 trim F1-57 .63 (ball bearing available)
    • Turbonetics Evolution Wastegate
    • 347 Stainless Steel Cast Turbo Manifold
    • TR8 Intercooler with brackets
    • Black Poweder Coated Stealth Aluminum Pipe Kit
    • Silicone and T-bolts Clamp kit
    • 304 Stainless Steel Downpipe (removes both cats)
    • Treadstone Oil Kit
    • HKS Blow off Valve
    • Air Filter
    • Upgraded 440cc Fuel injectors(drop in)
    • Upgraded Spark Plugs
    • Vacuum line, Hardware, Gaskets
    • ECU Bracket
    • Titanium Heat Wrap
    • Battery Relocation Kit

    The wait is over, and we are now proud to release the 07 and up Nissan Sentra SER 100% Complete Bolt on turbo kit! Now the B16 guys can have as much fun as the B15 rivals! Complete and ready to run tuned by Uprev Engine management reflash! This is a 100% complete kit, and includes everything you need to be up and running on boost. Boost Gauge and AFR gauge recommended with any turbo installation. Includes batter relocation kit! Midpipe is show in picture below but is not included in the kit, and can be purchased separately. Your ECU will need to be sent back to us for reflashing.

    Please note: The front tow hook will need to be cut in order to run the larger TR8 Intercooler, you can opt for the TR6 if you do not want to remove the tow hook.

    1. TR8 Turbo Kit

      TR8 Turbo Kit
    2. TR8 Turbo Kit

      TR8 Turbo Kit
    3. TR8 Turbo Kit

      TR8 Turbo Kit
    4. TR8 Turbo Kit

      TR8 Turbo Kit