Softronic ECU Upgrade

  • Softronic ECU Upgrade

    Softronic ECU Upgrade
    fits: 10-11 Porsche 997TT
    Engines: 3.8L GT3
    HP Gains: 455 HP / 337 Tq
    Boost: Custom
    Price: $1,195.00

    The 2010 GT3 is one incredible street/track car. As you rev past 2000 rpms, the exquisit sound coming from the back of the car is a like a symphony of horses ready to trample anything in its path. Jumping up from the previous 3.6L GT3, the 997.2 GT3 has a 3.8L engine with a complete dry sump oil system like the 997 Turbo. Most of the engine changes are purely cosmetic and are no different when it comes to tuning the cars computer. Softronic steps in with their fine tuning to focuses on improving the cars power curve. With some additional programming to adjust the cars timing and air fuel mixtures, Softronic is able to gain 20 horsepower to the crank and 21ft/lbs of torque.

    We can send you the cable and you can flash the car yourself. This means no downtime or additional costs of bringing your car to a shop to perform the flash!

    1. Softronic ECU Upgrade

      Softronic ECU Upgrade