Softronic ECU Upgrade

  • Softronic ECU Upgrade

    Softronic ECU Upgrade
    fits: 00-04 Porsche Carrera
    Engines: 3.4L & 3.6L
    HP Gains: Custom
    Boost: Custom
    Price: $895.00

    The normally aspirated 996 Carrera is a great street car that has more to give. The RWD Carrera 2 and the AWD Carrera 4 are great platforms to increase power on the 3.4L or 3.6L motor. From 2000 – 2004 the 996 Carrera used a drive by wire system which allows Softronic to fine tune the overall performance of your vehicle. Softronic is able to gain 20 horsepower to the crank and 13ft/lbs of torque. Softronic flashes the 996 Carrera through the OBDII port of the car.

    We can send you the cable and you can flash the car yourself. This means no downtime or additional costs of bringing your car to a shop to perform the flash!

    Horsepower Gains:

    • 3.4L HP: 322HP / 271ft/lbs
    • 3.6L HP: 340HP / 286ft/lbs
    1. Softronic ECU Upgrade

      Softronic ECU Upgrade