Stroker Kit

  • Stroker Kit

    Stroker Kit


    fits: 00-05 Toyota Celica GTS
    Engines: 1.8L (2ZZ-GE)
    Price: $2,390.00

    Finally, an affordable stroker kit for the Toyota 2ZZ-GE that allows you to increase your displacement to nearly two liters with healthy gains throughout the entire rev range as well as optimize your compression ratio.

    This kit consists of custom Mahle or Wiseco forged aluminum pistons and rings, Darton Sleeves (needed only for Wiseco Pistons), allows use of OEM Rods & bearings. This is the perfect upgrade for those wanting more displacement. Piston oil squirters are retained!

    There are a many choices when it comes to pistons. Use high compression (13.7, 13.1, 12.3, 11.5:1) pistons for awesome NA power or low compression (10.5, 9.0:1) pistons for a bulletproof quicker spooling turbo or supercharged engine. Use any power adders, your ECU's tuning capabilities and available fuel octane to determine your optimal compression ratio.

    1. Stroker Kit

      Stroker Kit