Wiseco Piston Set

  • Wiseco Piston Set

    Wiseco Piston Set


    Engines: 1.8L (2ZZ-GE)
    Price: $569.00
    On Sale: $559.00

    These 2ZZ pistons from Wiseco are forged from 2618 aluminum and machined to exceptional tolerances. They are designed for tighter piston to cylinder clearances than other aftermarket pistons to minimize piston slap and cylinder bore wear. These are excellent pistons for street or strip. All pistons have coated skirts for low friction and extra long life.

    Every piston set includes 4 pistons, premium quality piston rings, precision chromoly wrist pins and retainer rings.

    Specs Available:

    • CR: 8.8:1 79.5mm
    • CR: 8.8:1 82mm
    • CR: 8.8:1 82.5mm
    • CR: 11:1 82mm
    • CR: 11:1 79.5mm
    • CR: 11:1 82mm

    .5mm overbore requires Bore & Hone
    *Requires Darton Sleeves for durability. 

    1. Wiseco Piston Set

      Wiseco Piston Set