Fidanza Flywheel

  • Fidanza Flywheel

    Fidanza Flywheel
    fits: 03-08 Toyota Corolla
    Price: $379.00
    On Sale: $369.00

     This Fidanza flywheel weighs 8.5 lbs making it the lightest 1ZZ & 2ZZ flywheel available. You can expect a noticeable improvement in acceleration especially in the lower gears and heel-toe downshifting is much easier thanks to much livelier throttle response. Slightly more throttle is needed to pull away from a stop without stalling though most people get used to it and like the sportier feel.

    Fidanza Flywheels are made using the highest quality and most modern materials available. The flywheel itself is made from either 6061 T6 or 2024 T3 aluminum depending on the model. Both of these materials are tempered aluminum which are very strong yet very light weight.

    The friction surface is very special. Fidanza uses a 1050 high carbon, alloy steel. It is incredibly durable allowing the use of just about any clutch disc material available from organic to Kevlar and even sintered iron.

    Fidanza attaches the friction surface using aerospace nuts and bolts. These are some of the best fasteners money can buy. They choose them because of the incredible shear strength and resistance to corrosion.

    All Fidanza ring gears are heat treated for durability. They are heated, pressed on and then secured using grade 10 fasteners.          

    1. Fidanza Flywheel

      Fidanza Flywheel